Guide Price for Bored Piles

Pile Size 450mm 600mm 750mm 900mm 1200mm
Rate per m $209.79 $340.75 $529.75 $749.35 $1,282.14

Rates assume stable ground (piles not cased), no excessive groundwater, no rock, no obstructions, no contaminated spoil, straightforward access for all plant.

Potential extra over costs are:

  • Retaining Piles:The rates provided are for axial loaded building piles. For retention piles more steel is required and 15% should be added.
  • Casings: Pricing varies considerably depending on the mix of lifting equipment and casing advancement equipment required (vibrating hammers etc). As a guide, the rate for installing temporary casing to a depth of 6m costs approximately $450 per pile ($85 per m). For 1200mm dia casings to a depth of 6m costs would be approximately $660 per pile ($110 per m). The costs for supply of permanent casings vary according to size and market prices for steel.
  • CFA technique: CLL has two continuous flight auger (CFA) piling rigs. The CFA method eliminates the need for casings as piles are drilled to depth in one single drill penetration and concrete is installed as the auger is removed. Reinforcing cages or MultiPoles are installed after the concrete is installed.
  • Drilling in to basalt: up to 600mm dia – $2,500 per m, 1200mm dia – $3,500 per m. It is noted that CLL have a specialist 800mm dia percussion driven DTH hammer for larger projects where rock drilling is required, which significantly reduces programme time. (For the DTH hammer production rates of 1m per hour are possible, plus set up time.)
  • Tremie pour: rates allow for using a boom pump which can be used for tremie pouring. Where there is a need to tremie, there is extra cost for a vacuum tanker and disposal of contaminated wastewater disposal. Costs for this are approximately $1,200 per concrete pour.
  • Contaminated spoil disposal: Rates vary depending on the degree of contamination and are priced on a per job basis.
  • Difficult access piling: CLL have a variety of techniques for undertaking difficult access piling, behind houses, in low head room spaces, down cliffs and in remote locations. These are priced on a per job basis.


  • The following rates are presented as a general guide. For site specific budgeting please contact CLL.
  • Rates allow for 30MPa concrete, pumped, with standard QA.
  • Tolerances as per the Auckland Structural Group Piling Specification are assumed.
  • Actual rates will vary according to the steel detail.
  • Rates exclude mobilisation and preliminary and general costs.