Teak Construction




9 months




CLL was engaged to carry out the construction and installation of the foundations for the proposed residential development at 96-100 Beachcroft Ave

Initial scope of works was for the installation of 665Lm of steel UC ranging between 200UC60 and 310UC158

Main scope works was for the installation of steel UCs until refusal was reached against the basalt layer, further geotechnical investigation showed that the basalt layer was weaker than originally envisaged, as result the initial 665Lm of steel increased to a total 1108 Lm of steel driven to ECBF 21M below

ground, through basalt layer of up to 7M deep

CLL used for the driving operation our 2 ton hammer, ABI 13/16 multicarrier rig, Ek110 fix mast and pendulum drill mounted on our 32 ton excavator