Scentre Group






As a joint venture CLL and Oxcon completed a large project in Newmarket for Scentre Group. We constructed the foundation piles and retaining walls for their new $800m shopping mall at 277 Broadway. Our scope involved

• 425no reinforced concrete piles, drilled through basalt using our Down Hole Hammers, with diameters from 450mm to 800mm, depths from 6m to 36m. Some of these piles contained full length macalloy bar which were post stressed, or custom fabricated columns weighting up to 20T each.

• 310no vertical rock anchors; 100-200dia up to 9m deep;

• 1087no inclined rock and soil anchors;

• 1500m2 of reinforced shotcrete;

• 400m2 of rock fall mesh;

• 6865LM of proof drilling;

• 280no driven steel H piles;

• 75LM of UC and timber retaining walls;

• 60LM of sheet pile wall with anchors and whalers.

The job had nearly every fixed mast rig in the CLL fleet on the project at different times. We were well supported by Grouting Services who did all the inclined anchoring and General Compression who ran the DTH compressor stations. The project was a challenging one, with varying ground conditions to drill through from loose basalt boulders, solid basalt, highly fractured basalt, contaminated ground, substantial ground water and collapsing ECBF material.