Hawkins Infrastructure




21 days


Kingsland Rail Underpass


Kingsland Rail Underpass CLL contracted to Hawkins Infrastructure to carry out the installation of a new underpass to the Kingsland Railway Station in Kingsland Auckland.


StakeHolders were: Kiwi rail, ARTA, Opus and Hawkins Infrastructure.

The project involved retaining, excavating and installing of a precast underpass structure.

The available program of 21 days over the Christmas break meant the enabling works, planning and methodologies had to be well implemented for the success of the period. The enabling works required CLL to build temporary ramps to gain access and achieve suitable drilling platforms on the live rail system in the months leading up to the Christmas Bock of Line (BoL). CLL used specialist drilling equipment and methodologies to carry out deep piling in difficult ground conditions which required casing and control of ground water. The main works involved a team of highly skilled and motivated people who worked in shifts to complete the project. The managing director of CLL Terry Donnelly was even spotted screeding concrete to the Tunnel base at 11.30pm New Years eve! The project was completed on time and to specification.

Key elements of the project

  • Construction of a palisade wall with
  • 750 dia x 19m deep piles
  • 900m3 excavation
  • Shotcrete facing to retained areas
  • Installation of 14m long precast underpass
  • Waterproofing and Hardfill backfilling to underpass
  • Cast insitu stair case
  • 200m of Public stormwater line  
  • Reinstatement of footpaths