Main Rd


Client Hopper Construction
Location Kumeu
Value $3.2M
Duration approx 18 weeks
Services Culvert Construction

The culvert is about 120m long and about 10m wide and consists of reinforced concrete piles and a precast concrete deck system with a concrete top. It was required to channel the creek which runs through the centre of the site and the culvert enabled the site to be better utilised.

A difficulty faced was working next to an open waterway. This required care and stringency with sediment control, with use of silt fences and other methodologies. Constant checking was required to ensure there were no breaches. Vacuum trucks were on site when concrete was poured to take the slurry away so it did not enter the creek.

Two diggers were used, a 20 tonne and a 14 tonne, to drill and place the piles, and a 400 tonne crane to place the precast. The precast units weighed about 15 tonnes each.

A high degree of accuracy was required to ensure the step downs, the beam and all the precast units were in the right place. Roads and buildings will be built across them so attention to accuracy of set out was critical.