$1.1m circa


5 weeks


Omana Apartments


CLL completed piling and earth retaining works package at Milford for NZRPG (New Zealand Retail Property Group) in August’ 2020. Project consisted of 43 piles of different diameters i.e. 600, 900 and 1200 mm averaging 20M in depth where 9 piles were drilled through top Basalt layer that made up approximately 50LM of drilling into Basalt. In addition, 97nos. of grouted soil nails were constructed to retain the bulk cut for Basement floor. CLL worked with Geotech Engineer to adopt the most feasible and cost-effective way for earth retaining and replaced timber retaining walls with soil nails. CLL reviewed the Geotech report and adopted drilling methodology with Bentonite fluid to keep the borehole stable as the ground condition was vulnerable. The adopted methodology was however replaced with long temporary casings for 600 dia. piles as unforeseen higher rock strength was hindering the drilling tool effectiveness under Bentonite. Project was quite challenging due to limited working space, drilling close to existing structure, Basalt drilling and working along with other trades which CLL completed successfully.