Sentinel Road

Herne Bay, Auckland

Client Lindesay Construction
Location Herne Bay, Auckland
Value $700k
Duration 10 weeks
Services Slip Stabilisation

The owner of this multi-million dollar property chose to repair this slip on to the beach as it came within the property line. Access to and from the site was only allowed via the sea. CLL used a 100 tonne and a 30 tonne barge, a tug and two diggers. All materials and equipment required were loaded at Sandspit or the Viaduct Basin. The task was to clear the slip debris. CLL dug the debris from the slip face into a bin which went on to the barge so there was no contamination of the beach with spoil. It was barged to Viaduct Basin, craned off, put on a truck and taken away. At least 8-9 similar trips were carried out with 100 tonne barge full of slip debris.

A 6m crib wall that was destroyed in the slip was rebuilt from the bottom up, with all the components are barged in. CLL backfilled scoria using helicopter bags. About 120 one cubic metres bags of scoria were brought in via the water.