Summerset Retirement Village

Mt Wellington

Client Summerset
Location Mt Wellington
Value $1.4M
Duration 16 weeks
Services Piling

CLL was commissioned for core-barrelling into basalt to create about 140 five-metre building piles, ranging from 750mm, 900mm to a metre at the Harrison Rd site. Programme issues were counteracted by putting in two large rigs to ensure enough resources were allocated to stay ahead of programme.

The response to a major setback on this job illustrated one of the strengths of CLL. When the engine failed on the Liebherr LB 24 drilling rig, CLL brought in three of its own pendulum drilling rigs to maintain progress at the site. The vast depths of the company enable more resources to be brought in to keep up with the programme under such circumstances.

Meanwhile within three weeks, the company had flown in the last engine in the world from Germany, and had it installed and commission in situ.

In addition to the SR 45, a Soilmec machine was used on the site.