Warkworth Town Hall


Client Canam Construction
Location Warkworth
Value $100,000 circa
Services Micro Piling

CLL was approached by CANAM construction to complete remedial foundation works for Warkworth’s historic town hall. The scope of works meant that the remedial work would need to be completed within a restricted area. CLL came up with the solution to complete the job using the micro piling technique.

Micro piles are used as a remedial works solution within an area if there are site constraints.


Micro piles are deep foundation piles constructed using high strength, small diameter steel casing and/ or threaded bar. Reinforcing steel in the form of and all thread bar is typically inserted into the micro piling casing. High strength cement grout is them pumped into the casing. The light and compact drilling rigs and other ancillary equipment like grout mixer and grout pump are used due to all the equipment being very compact in size.


CLL completed 36no micro piles x 11m deep with a diameter of 1500mm using RB25 rods with RB25 footplates on top embedded in 40mpa grout.