Ground Stabilisation

A range of solutions including soil mixing and permeation grouting

CLL can offer a range of solutions for ground stabilisation and improvement including soil mixing and permeation grouting.


We have specialist grout expertise and using our GEAX pedestal piling rigs we can install soil mixed columns up to 20m deep x 900mm dia. Our computerised system monitors and records grout input and accurate records can be provided for validation of columns.


We have also developed a methodology for remediating ground damage caused by liquefaction which we have described as Horizontal Soil Mixing (HSM). We have developed specialist drilling equipment and are trialling horizontal soil mixed beams for installation under earthquake damaged properties. A recent 3 News item on blasting trials to test this system can be seen on this:

3news Article


We are also the New Zealand agents for Italian company Sireg for the Durvinal permeation grouting system. This is a ground improvement technique that involves injecting high and low pressure grout through custom designed pipes to improve soil around the installed pipe (follow the link below for more information or visit the Sireg website: The system is used extensively in Europe for underpinning historic buildings (including the Louvre), creating waterproof barrier walls, and making provision for tunnel and subway construction.