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CLL specialises in the installation of a wide range of bored, driven and sheet piles.

Our specialist piling plant includes

  • Liebherr LB24 – installs bored piles up to 3m dia to 48m deep; also set up for piles, soil mixed piles, displacement piles, CFA piles. 270 kNm of torque.
  • Soilmec SR45 – installs bored piles up to 2m dia to 41m deep; also set up for displacement piles, soil mixed piles, DTH Hammer piling, turbojet piles and CFA piles; 185 kNm of torque
  • ABI TM13-16 – specifically set up for installing sheet piles and stone columns on a mast with 9 tonne down force and 13 tonne uplift; mast is 17m. This machine is also capable of drilling.
  • ABI 14/18
  • GEAX EK110 – installs bored piles up to 1.8m dia x 32m; also set up for CFA, DTH Hammer piling and soil mixed piles. 110kNm of torque.
  • GEAX EK90 – installs bored piles up to 1.5m dia x 28m; also set up for cfa piling and soil mixed piles. 90kNm of torque.
  • GEAX XD8
  • bauer rg21t
  • BAUER RG16t

We provide a value-added service in design assessment. Our versatility and extensive knowledge of all types of piling systems means that we can examine your plans and provide you with cost-effective alternatives that are optimal for the job.

A particular strength is drilling in difficult conditions and we have specialised equipment for casing and dewatering holes, and for tremming concrete. We are also skilled in bridge-building and marine piling.