DTH (Down the Hole Hammer)

The DTH technique is a high-performance drilling operation to increase productivity and reduce total programme and cost.

DTH hammers transmit intensive impact energy with low energy loss. This results in good rock breakage, high penetration rates and high productivity. The equipment is designed to give optimal hole quality, reliability, and long service life, as well as the best blasting results and low total operation cost. In few words…when it comes down to drilling into rock this technique is the fastest by far!

DTH technique is an alternative to conventional rock coring (costly on programme and equipment wear and tear) when thick layers of materials in the 20Mpa plus are encountered, these layers are generally formed by basalt deposits, grit, or welded tuff. When possible, the DTH method is significantly quicker than coring techniques. We can typically achieve approximately 20-30lm/day using our DTH rig compared with only 1-2m/day achievable if the piles were to be cored.

Our DTH rigs comes optionally equipped with a Casing Driver System (CDS) which enables us to simultaneously install a casing to the desired depth (either to the top of the rock socket or to the toe of the pile) while hammering the pile, this casing advances progressively to control collapse of loose material during the hammering operation.

Equipment required.

  • Drilling rig ranging from EK110 to LRB355
  • Compressor farm - Air generation – driven by size and hole depth


  • Noise mitigation measures should be considered if working near to sensitive areas.
  • Dust mitigation measures
  • Building site footprint to cater for rig and compressor farm.

Diameter range

  • 450 – 1000mm


Standard sizes include: 450mm, 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm diameter. Ehese hammers can be installed on our EK110, SR45, IMT215, LB24 and LRB355, we also have customized options on our excavator range.

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